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What Squirrels Do: A Guide to Feed, Attract, Prevent or Humanely Remove Squirrels


This is me back when tube socks and humungous glasses were all the rage.  See the baby squirrel climbing up my leg?  That’s just one of the many squirrels rescued along the way.

Baby squirrel climbing up my leg

Not exactly sure why, but in those days, feeding and caring for multiple baby squirrels was an annual event.  And back then, I truly don’t recall wildlife resources where you could drop off injured animals.  That meant,  we were on our own!

No doubt, growing up around so many needy squirrels, was part of the reason why later in life, I signed up to become a Wildlife Hospital Volunteer.  It was a good fit all around!

That incredible experience gave me a front row seat into the behavior of squirrels, from the remarkably docile, to the surprisingly aggressive, and all the quirky behaviors in between.

Combine that with my insatiable curiosity to learn even more about these adorable creatures…a website “WhatSquirrelsDo.com” is born!

So, whether you want to:

  • Feed & attract squirrels
  • Repel &  remove squirrels
  • Learn more about squirrel behavior

My website is where you’ll find researched info, real-life experiences, educated guesses, and original photos of me and the squirrels…

Feed & Attract Squirrels

Feeding squirrels can be a fun activity.  Especially in the north when the winters are long and squirrels are practically peeking in our windows.    

Here are 4 Resources to get you started:

Visit our squirrel food likes vs. dislikes list  to see what we fed injured squirrels in the wildlife hospital and how we observed their favorite foods. 

For Balanced Squirrel Nutrition check out the calcium to phosphorus ratio table.

Need help with Nuts?  Check out our best and worst nuts for squirrels page

Visit our Squirrel Feeding Blog Posts where we address specific questions about what squirrels eat, compare nutrition, and link to applicable videos. 

Repel or Remove Squirrels

I’ve successfully removed countless squirrels from attics and crawl spaces.  And although I will devote a portion of this site to the safe, humane trapping of squirrels who’ve become a nuisance, you won’t find any info about hunting or hurting them.

That’s because….I Love Squirrels

I really appreciate squirrels and I respect their place on the planet…plus, I live in a city where grocery stores are plentiful, which means…I can leave squirrel off the menu.

Learn Fun FAQ’s About Squirrel Behavior

Squirrel with Frozen suet Block
Squirrel Ran Off

From the homepage, you can navigate to more complete resources that will hopefully answer your questions in much greater detail.

Free Worksheets about Squirrels for Kids – this is a free download that you can share with kids who are interested in learning about squirrels.

Along the way, I’ll share random pictures and videos of me and the squirrels. 

Like this picture that definitely answers the questions as to whether or not squirrels like suet. This was a frozen block…and this hungry squirrel gnawed off a chunk and carried it across the rooftops.

I hope you have fun learning about squirrels.  They truly are a wonderful animal to watch and I get many good laughs feeding them. 

Thanks for visiting!