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Best Calcium Supplement for Squirrels: Powder, Liquid, Cuttlebones

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New to squirrels?  You’re probably learning a lot about calcium deficiency and the pain it causes.

Fortunately, when caught in time, squirrels can make a full recovery with calcium supplements.  There are plenty on the market and they are quite affordable.

In this article, we’ll list the most common  supplements and the pros and cons of each form when it comes to supplementing squirrels.  

At the end, we’ll leave you with a creative tip for getting picky squirrels to eat their calcium supplement and we’ll talk about tums and rolaids. 

The Best Squirrel Calcium Supplements for Pet or Captive Squirrels

Most squirrels do well with supplements that contain calcium the form of calcium carbonate.   It comes in powders, tablets and solid formation such as cuttlebones. squirrels can have calcium carbonate supplement

Other squirrels might do fine with a liquid calcium supplement such as calcium chloride added to their drinking water.

A lot will depend on the squirrel and why you are supplementing  the calcium. 

For instance, a sick, lethargic squirrel will not chew a cuttlebone.

Therefore cuttlebones are great for supplementing healthy squirrels that are able to eat on their own. 

Liquid Calcium vs. Powder vs. Cuttlebones: Pros and Cons

All of these squirrel calcium supplements are affordable.  But calcium carbonate powder is often easiest to administer to pet or injured squirrels.  It also remains the gold standard, for now.

That’s because it’s concentrated and the powder can be purchased as ‘finely ground,’ making it super east to dissolve or dust on top of a squirrel’s favorite food.  Squirrels barely notice the addition.

Whereas liquid supplements are added to a squirrels drinking water, and some squirrels may not willingly drink the additive. 

Additionally, the liquid supplements are not nearly as concentrated. 

Finally there are cuttlebones.  They are rich in elemental calcium, but not easy to administer. 

Because cuttlebone require the squirrel to chew, it is a good calcium supplement but only for healthy, happy squirrels. 

The squirrel must also take a liking to cuttlebones. 

cuttlebone calcium supplement example
Cuttlebone from cuttlefish

Coming up,  we’ll introduce 4 powders (listed alphabetically), a cuttlebone product and a liquid calcium supplement.

Top 6 Most Popular Calcium Supplements for Squirrels

1. Exotic Nutrition’s Squirrel-Cal Calcium – Ultra-Fine

Squirrel-Cal for supplement
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Excellent for squirrels with lower calcium in relation to phosphorus intake.

  • Powder is ULTRA-FINE 
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium carbonate 96.5%, Magnesium carbonate 3.5%
  • made in USA
  • Discounts possible for rescue facilities or pet-related non-profit (requires application)

Where to buy:  link to check prices and inventory

2. Henry’s Calcium Carbonate Powder 

Pure calcium carbonate.  Henry’s is well known for pet foods and treats.  They also have great info on calcium deficiency  and metabolic bone disease (MBD).

  • Squirrel dosing on label
  • 100% calcium carbonate
  • made in USA
  • Emergency Helpline is available 8 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week

Where to buy:  Henry’s has a store on amazon (link to Henry’s store) where you can check inventory for calcium.  They also have made-to-order squirrel food!!

3. Nekton-Rep Calcium-Pur -Micro Fine Calcium Powder

The ingredient list is pure calcium carbonate.  Nothing more. 

NekTon Calcium supplement for squirrels
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So even though it’s marketed toward reptiles, calcium deficient squirrels can benefit.

  • Powder is micro fine 
  • just calcium carbonate
  • comes in multiple sizes
  • made in Germany

Where to Buy:  NEKTON has several sizes (link to purchase).  Be sure you pick the right size for your needs

4. Zoo Med Repti Calcium Powder Supplement – Without D3

Also marketed toward reptile owners, but this phosphorus-free calcium supplement can be used for squirrels too. 

some reptile calcium is ok for squirrels too

As long as you get the jar that has nothing else added.

  • highly bioavailable ultra fine
  • 100% precipitated calcium carbonate
  • not from oyster shells
  • made in the USA

Zoo Med us usually in stock at Chewy (link to pricing) and often on sale.  Remember not to buy the D3 version.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the squirrel section (link).

5. Cuttlebone (cuttle fish shell) From Trusted Source

squirrels can eat cuttlebone for calcium supplement
single cuttlebone

Cuttlebones are great sources of calcium and most healthy squirrels eat them willingly.

In fact, you should monitor squirrels with cuttlebones because they’ve been known to over indulge.

Do your best to find a good quality source.  Did you know they are even sold on Etsy (link to pricing)?  

6. Liquid Calcium Chloride for Squirrels

If you want to add calcium directly to drinking water or if your squirrel won’t consume the powder supplement,  you can try liquid calcium supplements. 

However, liquid is not standard for treating severe cases of calcium deficiencies, but it’s ok for maintenance or when you want to ensure a small boost. 

liquid calcium chloride for squirrels

Not many options, but there is Fluker’s which is geared toward reptiles and the there is one made by Exotic nutrition. 

Beware of products that would also contain sugars or artificial sweeteners. 

Where to Buy Liquid Calcium: Link to purchase

About Liquid Calcium Supplements for Squirrels

Keep in mind, the above liquid formula is incorporated with magnesium or calcium lactate and it’s not as concentrated as calcium carbonate. We include it because it could be helpful.

  • DIRECTIONS: Shake  Add 2 drops of supplement per 1 fluid ounce of drinking water.
  • INGREDIENTS: Water, calcium chloride (plus) either magnesium chloride or calcium lactate.

Typically, the main ingredient in a liquid calcium supplement is going to be water.  Be mindful of expiration dates and storage requirements. 

Tips and Tricks for Giving Calcium to Stubborn Squirrels

Dissolve calcium carbonate powder in water and allow a freshly picked carnation or celery stalk (with leaves) to soak up the minerals through capillary action.  Most squirrels love both and eat them in the wild.

FAQ – Squirrel Calcium Supplements Questions & Answers

Can I Give Squirrel Calcium Powder in Water?

A healthy squirrel will probably not drink water that contains dissolved calcium powder.  The better way is to sprinkle it on top of sticky or moist foods, such as fruit.

Calcium Tablets: Can squirrels eat tums or rolaids for calcium?

Some emergency situations may call for Tums or Rolaids, but don’t do it regularly.  These are made for humans and often contain sucralose, dyes, talc and other non-essential ingredients for calcium restoration.

Can I give my squirrel reptile calcium ?

Many reptile owners already have a supply of calcium supplements. As long as your reptile calcium is just calcium carbonate, it’s fine.  But if there are other additives such as D3, vitamin C, Zinc, Phosphorus, etc., skip it unless directly advised by a qualified person.

Is calcium gluconate good for squirrels?

It may be fine for squirrels, but standard is calcium carbonate.  Reportedly,  carbonate absorbs more quickly and calcium gluconate is really only 9% elemental calcium. 

Can I give squirrels calcium sulfate? 

Calcium sulfate is less soluble.  It comes from Gypsum whereas carbonate comes from limestone.  Given the lack of studies, calcium carbonate remains the standard  for squirrels.

In Summary

If you surround yourself with squirrels, eventually you’ll come across a squirrel in need of a calcium supplement.  

While there are many forms of calcium, calcium carbonate seems to have the most data and success when it comes to squirrels.

While other forms of calcium may work, they are simply not well documented…yet.  

The most important part of a calcium deficient squirrel is to act immediately, with the proper dose, and without additives that could harm the squirrel further.

If your squirrel is in otherwise good health, consider allowing it to get calcium like wild squirrels do.

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