Free activity pack for kids about squirrels

Squirrel Activity Pack: (Free PDF Download) Crossword, Maze, Counting Nuts, Fun Facts

Squirrel Activities for Young Kids

Fun and educational squirrel activity pack with several pages for kids.  This is a free download PDF that helps educate kids on the 3 types of squirrels, interesting facts and a soft intro into squirrel nutrition.
Topics for Squirrel Activity Book PDF

Fun Facts for Kids About Squirrels Sheet

Kids should start the activity by learning a few fun facts about squirrels.   Adults can either read the fun facts page, or kids can read it to themselves.

Learning the fun facts will help kids with the games and activities included in the download.

The activity book about squirrels includes:

  • choose the right nut
  • count the total nuts
  • color a squirrel’s friend
  • maze to get home
  • crossword puzzle

Here are a couple of sneak previews of our activity book related to squirrels

Crossword of Squirrel Facts

Kids will enjoy completing a crossword puzzle.  It is easy and mostly related to what the child learned about squirrels in the fun fact section.

Here is a preview of the squirrel crossword in the activity book:

free squirrel crossword kids

Maze Activity – Get the Squirrel Home

This adorable squirrel with an acorn is trying to find her way home.  Complete the maze so the squirrel can eat her nut and go to sleep.

squirrel maze worksheet free
Maze Preview

Answer Key Included

There is an answer key to all of the activities in the booklet.

This is a free download to begin educating kids on the types of squirrels there are, characteristics of each, plus best and worst nuts for squirrels.

Squirrel Activity Book (FREE PDF)
Free PDF with Squirrel Related Activities for Kids