What Does a Pregnant Squirrel Look Like? 3 Pregnancy Signs plus Birth Video

Some squirrels are strong and skinny, while others are a little on the chunky side.

And longer than normal winters can have us wondering if a squirrel is fat, furry or pregnant.

While there are more obvious signs after a squirrel gives birth, there are some ways of spotting pregnant squirrels.

So if you’re observant enough and can get a good peek, here’s some signs that a squirrel might be pregnant:

Signs of a Pregnant Squirrel: 3 Things to Look for to Determine if a Squirrel is Pregnant

  1. Round or Pear Shaped Belly – If if looks like the squirrel swallowed a crabapple, she may be pregnant.  If it looks more like a big, bosc pear, she’s likely due within days.
  2. Prominent Teats – Normally you cannot see the nipples of a squirrel unless she is pregnant or balding. Fur should still be in tact while pregnant, but looks matted if babies are already born.
  3. Tummy Touches Ground – If the belly is touching the ground or brazing the tops of the fence pickets, the squirrel is likely pregnant.

pregnant squirrel belly

Pregnant Squirrel Behavior

Pregnant squirrels will likely eat more, drink more and they can be observed building multiple nests.

If you see a squirrel constantly gathering leaves and useful debris, she may be preparing several nests for her litter.

False Signs of a Pregnant Squirrel

Many people think that a squirrel’s tail gets furrier once she is pregnant.  Others say the opposite, that her tail may lose fur because she plucks it for the nest.

I’ve never been able to verify either of these statements to be true.  Pregnant squirrels at the wildlife center had all different types of tails, but mostly stayed true to their natural tail.

Pregnant Squirrel FAQ’s

When Squirrels Have Babies

Many squirrels will have 2 litters per year, one in the spring and one in the summer.

That means mating season is about 30-45 days prior, depending on the type of squirrel.

How Long is a Squirrel Pregnant?

Squirrels stay pregnant for about 4-6 weeks.

Squirrel Milk from Mother

There is nothing on the market that replicates the milk of a squirrel.  The consistency and temperature are perfect.

Her milk has just the right protein to fat ratio without problematic proteins such lactose.

It’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to care for baby squirrels if the mom is taken out of the picture.

Are Squirrels Good Moms?

Squirrels are very good moms.  They will often build 2 nests in case babies need to be moved for safety reasons.

She will feed them several times a day and will not share her nest with another squirrel during this time.

Leaving newborns is risky.  Babies make noise that attracts predators.   Therefore, she will live on food and nut reserves or possibly even go hungry for the first several days.

In closing, have a look at this magical video of a squirrel mom.

This person captured the squirrel during pregnancy, birth and some child rearing.

Web Cam – Pregnant Tree Squirrel Birth Video



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